About our catalogue .......

  • Each month we publish an e-catalogue featuring new releases for the month and highlighting some of the upcoming titles for the following month.
  • The new month's catalogue is usually uploaded to our website just prior to the beginning of that month, for instance you could expect the June catalogue to be available on our site one or two days prior to the end of May.
  • If you're a registered customer, you will receive an email containing a direct link to the new month's catalogue.
  • We also post the availability of the catalogue, along with the direct link on our Facebook page.
  • The catalogue includes new releases with cover images, synopses, names of series if applicable and the order of the book in the series; plus price and book format - hardcover, trade (large) or small p/back. Some reissues are usually included and identified as such.
  • For some titles we also include the page count; these are usually trade (large) paperbacks that tend to be self-published, higher in price, but have fewer pages than normal. Most books have the standard number of pages and don't require a page count to be included. 
  • Titles that are released between 1st and 15th of the month will usually be included in that month's catalogue; books released after the 15th will be covered in the next month's catalogue.
  • Sometimes information on a title changes on our supplier's database after we have released the catalogue. Changes can include format, price, release date and sometimes even availability. We will cover any such changes on our Site News page.