Site Tips

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For those customers with limited familiarity with e-commerce websites, and to increase ease of use of this website in general – we have provided some tips and hints for quick reference.

  •  If you like the ease and convenience of the shopping cart, but don’t wish to use PayPal, choose Offline Credit Card or Bank Deposit in the payment options.  For more details go to Payment Options.
  • For additional security, our website does not collect credit card details; when you choose PayPal you will go direct to their site and we will contact you should you choose the Bank Deposit or Credit Card Offline option. For convenience, we are happy to keep your credit card details on our in-house computer, if that suits. This computer is not and never has been connected to the internet and customers' private information is only accessible to Intrigue management.
  • If you don’t wish to use the shopping cart, simply make your selections and phone or email them through to us. Click here for contact details and operating hours
  • To bring up all the titles by a particular author, simply click on the author’s name under a book image or use the Search filters.
  • Our database of thousands of books is in a constant mode of change, as new titles are added and older titles that are no longer available are removed. This is an ongoing and time-consuming task and your patience and understanding, should you request a title that is still listed, but proves to be no longer available, is most appreciated.
  • We don't stock second-hand books, but if you're desperate to find an out-of-print title we will do out best to hunt up a good second-hand copy for you.
  • You will also find hundreds of books on sale at unbelievable prices in the Bargain Basement; these are new books covering all categories. More titles are being added constantly and most of them are a 'one only available' deal, so make sure you check the lists regularly to avoid missing out. Every effort is made to ensure that all sale titles are in stock, but the occasional title does slip through the net. These books are not eligible for free postage.
  • We have aimed for simplicity and ease of use with our site, but there is bound to be some 'tweaking' required. The most effective quick 'fix' for any hiccups you encounter is to reload the page by clicking on the circular arrow at the top left-hand corner of the page. To help us provide you with a happy, problem-free shopping experience, we would appreciate your comments on any difficulties or glitches you encounter. Of course positive feedback is always most welcome. Simply email to with your comments.
  • If you live in the ACT. there is no necessity to pay extra for Express Post. Your books should reach you the day after they're posted. If you do live locally or are visiting the ACT, you can avoid paying postage altogether, by collecting your books in person. Simply contact us to arrange a time.
  • Orders are shipped on the day received or the day after if the books are in stock. Books that are not in stock take approximately one week, unless they go on back order with our supplier; in this case you're looking at approximately two weeks.
  • Orders to our US suppliers are placed Tuesday and Thursday and shipments are generally received (barring unforeseen delays), the following week. Submitting your orders prior to either of these days will ensure that you receive your books within the shortest time possible. 

About the catalogue:

  • Our catalogue features titles scheduled for release up to and including the 15th of the month; titles released after the 15th will be featured in the following month - for example: the January catalogue will feature books released from 16th to 31st December and books released from 1st to 15th January. 
  • If a book is part of a series, we list the name of the series and the first book, except where the first book is no longer available.
  • Occasionally we will feature a book that is cancelled or publication is postponed after we publish the catalogue - these changes will be outlined on our Site News page. 
  • For more information on our monthly catalogue, go to Catalogue.