Our store database contains over 18,000 books, covering categories from Contemporary to Mystery & Suspense to Paranormal and everything in-between. As outlined on the Site Tips page, the database is a 'work' in constant revision. Prices change, books become unavailable on a daily basis and each month a whole new 'crop' - usually somewhere between 70 and 80 titles - is added. Keeping up with these modifications is an ongoing and time-consuming task and occasionally titles are missed. We appreciate your understanding if a title you order proves to be no longer in print  and we are always happy to go hunting for a good second-hand copy if that suits.

Due to recent industry developments in the US, our American supplier has changed. Our agreement with this supplier is not as favourable, resulting in books now costing us more, even before factoring in the extremely poor exchange rate. Website prices are being amended, however this will take time; in the interim, any titles that are in stock when you order will remain at the listed price, but if it's necessary to order books in be aware that the price may change. Small p/back books will generally now be priced between $13.95 and $15.95, while premium size (longer and usually thicker), will generally be priced from $15.95 to $17.95. Large p/backs will vary in price, much as they do now.