Our store database contains well over 18,000 books, covering categories from Contemporary to Mystery & Suspense to Paranormal - something for everyone. You can find more information  about the database and ordering on our Site Tips page.

Like FREE postage? Spend a minimum of $170.00 on full-priced books and pay nothing for a large satchel. Please note that this applies to full-priced books only; Bargain Basement/sale books are not eligible for free postage.

Since COVID-19 has hit the world, the bottom has dropped out of the Australian dollar value against the US dollar. As a result, we've been forced to increase the price of most books, some quite drastically. We are going through the database changing prices, but this is a mammoth task and your patience is requested should you order books and find that the prices have increased from what is showing on the site. (We will advise you of any price rises prior to ordering from our supplier, should you wish to change your order). Books that we have in stock will remain at the price quoted, but books we have to order and that haven't already been amended, are likely to change. Small p/backs priced between $12.95 and $15.95 are likely to increase by two to three dollars and large p/backs are likely to increase in price by two to four dollars. While the price rises are unavoidable, we will try to keep prices as low as possible without actually losing money and if and when the exchange rate improves, so will our prices. This may be an ideal opportunity to check out the Bargain Basement and get an armful of books for a minimal outlay.