34 Million Books

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Have you ever wondered what makes a writer? Or if you might become one yourself?

 Part memoir and part writing guide, Valerie Parv's book provides a fascinating look into her world of words. Valerie has been published since the age of fourteen when the Australian Women's Weekly accepted her first article. Ninety books, dozens of short fiction, magazine serials, movie scripts and articles followed. She has sold over 34 million books and ebooks translated into 29 languages. As she recounts here, from the drama of Parvgate to meeting some of her personal heroes and being made a Member of the Order of Australia, writing has sustained her, challenged her, frustrated and excited her throughout her career. Valerie concludes each chapter with a "writing takeaway" with unique insights and a few caveats for those interested in how she works her story magic or would like to follow in her footsteps. (244 pages)

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