Back on Blossom Street

Back on Blossom Street image

Bk#3. Bk#1 Shop on Blossom Street, Bk#2 A Good Yarn. Young widow Colette Blake, has gone to work for Susannah Nelson at a Seattle flower shop after quitting her previous job on the heels of an ill-advised affair with her boss. Now, her old boss has begun placing weekly orders for flower arrangements. Alix Townsend is just months away from marrying her love, Jordan Turner. But shes thinking of calling off the wedding. The plans for a wedding extravaganza engineered by her mentor Jacqueline and her future mother-in-law is pushing her to the brink of hysteria. And Lydia Goetz, owner of A Good Yarn, has problems of her own. Her entire family was thrown into chaos since her niece became the victim of a random carjacking.

Small Paperback