Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer

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Writers, especially fiction writers, are taught to "start with what you know," so it should be of no surprise that the same women who pen sexy, suspenseful, inspiring romance novels also live their own romantic lives filled with commitment, passion, and longevity. In speaking with her fellow romance novelists, Amelia Grey award-winning romance novelist herself, who has been married for 35 yearswas captivated by the colorful stories of love and laughter that her novelists live in their own true lives and compiled them to create Fall in Love Like a Romance Novelist. This compilation of narratives and advice includes first-person stories written by more than thirty-five popular romance authors who share what it takes for couples to sustain relationships from the time of courtship to building a life-long devotion to each other. With the help of the following authors (partial list), Amelia Gray tackles subjects including respect, compromise, sex, fear, love, anger, grief, jealously, and communication. Each contributing romance novelist takes readers inside their relationship to share the secrets of their successful relationships and what has made their romance last.

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