Home on Apple Blossom Road

Home on Apple Blossom Road image

Life in Icicle Falls series Bk#9. Bk#1 Better Than Chocolate. Home is where the love is Colin Wright and Mia Blair grew up in Icicle Falls, but they left years agoand not on good terms. Now Colin's grandmother, Justine, has died, and they've come home to honor this woman they both loved. That's when they get some unexpected news. They're about to inherit something. Jointly. They just have no idea what. It turns out that Justine's designed a treasure hunt for them, like the ones they enjoyed when they were kids and best friends. But they're not kids anymore, and they sure aren't best friends. As for that young love they once shared? Wellit's complicated. On the trail of Justine's treasure, they follow a series of clues that take them down memory laneending up at the orchard on Apple Blossom Road. What will they find there? And what did Justine know that they didn't?"

Small Paperback