McKettricks of Texas: Garrett

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett image

Bk#2. Bk#1 Tate. Fast track up the political ladder, fast cars, fast womenathatas Garrett McKettrick. Make that was. A scandal has brought him home to Blue River, a place where a man can slow down, take stock and plan his next move. Which doesnat include staying at the family ranch with his brothers. A city boy for a long time now, Garrett doesnat think he has the land in his blood anymore. But Blue River has other attractions, like his former high school nemesis, Julie Remington. Now a striking woman and much-respected teacher, Julie comes complete with a precocious four-year-old cowboy, a three-legged beagle and deep ties to the community. Good thing they have nothing in commonaexcept their undeniable attraction and a future brighter than the Texas sun.

Small Paperback