When Lulu was Hot

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Cajun series Bk#0.5. TANTE LULU HAS A PAST ......: No one knows how old Louise Rivard, the notorious Cajun folk healer/matchmaker, really is. Nor do they know what happened to make her the way she is today, bless her bleeding heart. How did she get the name of Tante or Aunt, when she's no aunt to any of the LeDeux clan? And what is this secret she's hidden for more than fifty years? Only one thing's for certain-she has a finger in every bayou pot. PHILLIPE PRUDHOMME WAS A NAVY SEAL... ...before they even had a name for the webfoot warriors of World War II. One look at pin-up worthy Louise Rivard in the New Orleans USO, and he is a goner, struck for a loop by the legendary Prudhomme Whammy. He loves his Cajun girl with a passion only a Cajun man can understand. When this damn war is over, he and Louise will settle on the bayou, where he will be a family doctor and Louise will practice the folk healing skills passed down through the women of her family. Or is it a hopeless dream?

Trade Paperback