Your Bed or Mine?

Your Bed or Mine? image

Every Saturday night, best friends and neighbors Zada, Jen, Tish, and Alicia heat up their quaint little cul-de-sac with the infamous Housewives Fantasy Club. Everyone has a secret fantasy to share. Some have better secrets to hidealike Zada Clark, for instance.Poor Zada expected the judge to finalize her divorce, not give her and her estranged husband, Rick, ninety days to settle their squabble over the house and the dog. Now, Rickas moved back in and challenged Zada to a real-life game of Survivor. The first one to out-tease, out-tempt, and out-tantalize the other into bed, wins the house, the dog, and gets the divorce papers signed on the dotted line. Zada bravely says aGame on!a But Zada has a secret. Never mind that itas impossible to live with Mr. Gotta-Be-My-Way, Rick has always been her one and only fantasy. With help from her Fantasy Club friends, Zada comes up with some amazing fantasies guaranteed to out-tempt Rick and make him lose the bet. The problem is, can Zada really resist Rick when theyare playing such a dangerous, sexy game? But will Zada give in when Rick asks the question: Your Bed or Mine?

Small Paperback