Hot Floor

Hot Floor image

Freshly dumped and living in a grotty bedsit, Josh Carpenter lives only for his job as a glassblower...and occasional glimpses of his sexy downstairs neighbors, Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman. Every time he overhears the diminutive academic and the hunky plumber having loud and obviously kinky sex, Josh is overwhelmed with lust...and a longing for a fraction of what they have. To his amazement, Rai and Evan find his embarrassing tendency to blush utterly charming, and the three men grow closer over the course of the long, hot summer. Despite Rai's charming flirtation and Even's smoldering gaze, Josh is determined never to break his new friends' loving bonds. On the night a naked Josh falls--quite literally--into the middle one of Rai and Evan's marathon sex sessions, the force of their mutual attraction takes control. But just as Josh dares to hope, he senses a change. Leaving him to wonder if the winds of love are about to blow his way at last...or if history is about to repeat itself.

Trade Paperback