Taming the Bander

Taming the Bander image

Jake will be forever grateful to the man who rescued him and brought him to an animal preserve to live. It's the perfect home for a bander, a type of notoriously taciturn shifter. Now Jake runs the place, and he's resigned to the hard truth that he'll always be alone. Summer visitors are a necessary evil. And Vaughn Prentiss is exactly the sort of tourist that gets on Jake's last nerve. A happy-go-lucky, carefree, trust-fund baby. Vaughn can't fathom why Jake seems to enjoy insulting him. Yet he's attracted to the man's gruff kindness, and it hasn't escaped his notice that Jake is something not quite human. When Vaughn discovers the family fortune has been stolen, Jake acts on impulse to offer him a job, and wonders if he'll live to regret it. It's hard enough to keep his shifter nature private, much less keep his paws off his newest employee...a man Jake is coming to admire. If only he could be sure, when danger reveals the truth of what he is, if Vaughn will stay by his side--or run.

Trade Paperback