An Impossible Attraction

An Impossible Attraction image

Bk#12. With her motheras passing, Alexandra Bolton gave up on love to take care of her family. Now, with the Bolton name in disgrace due to her fatheras profligate ways, marrying an elderly squire might be the only way to save her family from absolute ruin. But when she meets the infamous Duke of Clarewood, old dreamsaand old passionsaare awakened as never before. Yet she cannot accept his shocking proposition! He is the wealthiest, most powerful peer in the realm, and having witnessed the cold horror of marriage as a child, he has vowed never to wed. But Alexandra Bolton inflames him as no woman has ever done, and she also serves him his first rejection! Now Clarewoodawho always gets what he wantsawill choose which rules to play by. But when passion finally brings them together, a terrible secret threatens to tear them apart.... Bk#1 The Conqueror.

Small Paperback