An Unexpected Engagement

An Unexpected Engagement image

England 1748...a time when romance is irrelevant, and adventure is thoroughly unladylike... Charlotte Engle finds herself on the wrong end of a pistol when her coach is stopped by notorious highwaymen, the Black Trio. Although Charlotte survives the encounter none the worse for wear, her mother, Lady Epping, decides Charlotte is in need of a husband to protect her. Charlotte is inclined to agree only when intorduced to Kenley Fairfax. Kenley is charming and handsome, a young lord with a sordid past and a reputation for trouble. He's just the sort the strike Charlotte's fancy-and horrify her mother. When Lady Epping arranges a marriage to an insufferable cad, however, Kenley comes to her rescue declaring she has already agreed to marry him. Kenley charms and excites Charlotte more than any man has ever met, but can she really marry someone she has know less than a week? A man with secrets in his life he keeps fiercely guarded? Not to mention one her mother despises?

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