Duke of Her Own

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Lady Louisa Wentworth knows the time has come for her to make a life for herself. Her family fortunes are gone and she knows she simply does not have enough to recommend her on the marriage mart. Much to her brotheras distress, she hires herself out to a wealthy American family looking for a social chaperone to guide their very eligible daughters through the marriage maze, ensuring they meet eligible titled parties. The Duke of Hawhurst, a close friend of Lady Louisaas brother, realizes that her new position could be the ticket he needs to meet these wealthy women. If he were to marry one of these heiresses his coffers would be filled again and he would be able to ensure his half-sisteras acceptance in society as well as make the necessary repairs to his duchy. The largest hurdle to overcome is his attraction to Louisa, rather than to either of the heiresses. No matter how difficult it is for him to push Louisa aside, he knows that there could be no future for them. For Hawkhurst to seriously contemplate any union with Lady Louisa would be the ruination of both of them. Ms. Heath takes several taboos of the Victorian ton and exploits them. Here, the titled gentlemen are the fortune hunters, willing to sell their title for security; women from titled families do not work, and noblemen do not involve themselves in any form of trade. Ms. Heath addresses all of these painful issues of the time period, and creates a memorable love story while doing so. This was a very enjoyable read.

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