Marriage Ring

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Bk#3. Bk#1 A Seduction at Christmas, Bk#2 The Earl Claims His Wife. The woman who will wear Richard Lynstedas ring will be genteel, dainty, and well-bred. This eliminates Grace MacEachin on all three counts. A hellion of the first order, the alluring, infuriating woman would be nothing more than a passing temptation to an upstanding gentleman like Richard--if it werenat for the fact that sheas trying to blackmail his father! Or, as Grace sees it, trying to get justice--and maybe just the slightest hint of revenge on the family that tore her life asunder when she was just a girl. And as for Lynsted, well, the stuffy, humorless man wouldnat suffer for time spent in company more exciting than that of his company ledgers. Only when Richard gets Grace alone, she discovers he many know a thing or tow about excitement after all . . . ..
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