Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress

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Bk#2. At the end of the last book, "Confessions Of a Little Black Gown", Pippin made a heart-wrenching decision: In order to save Captain Dashwell's life, she agreed to marry Viscount Gossett. Twenty years later, a young American sailor passes her and stops her entire world. The man is the spitting image of Dash, and is in fact, Dash's son, Nate. Pippin, now a widow, decides to right the mistake she made all those years ago - she wants to see Dash and discover if the love she's carried in heart for all these years is nothing more than a fiction or if it is possible to find it a second time around.In disguise, she books passage on Dash's ship, and after three days at sea, reveals herself. When Dash sees Pippin on the deck of his ship wearing a red gown, he swears she's still as breathtakingly beautiful as she was the first time he saw her, but at the same time, he's furious over the years they've lost. But he can't simply return her to England, for she left a note that claims Dash has kidnapped her for a huge ransom. Can he make it across the Atlantic before the British Navy catches up with him, or worse yet, before Pippin claims his heart again?

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