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Bk#4. One rainy night in the woods outside of Portland, Dr. Victoria Peres is called to the site of a strange and haunting crime scene. Six beautiful young girls ? all in white dresses and arranged in a perfect circle ? have been left for dead. Only one girl, fighting for her life at a nearby hospital, has survived the carnage. Stranger still, the crime is an exact replica of a decades-old cold case. Things only get more complicated when Medical Examiner Seth Rutledge, Victoria's first love, arrives on the scene. The timing couldn't be worse for Victoria, who faces the case of her life and a killer determined to destroy her. In the fourth book in her heart-pounding Bone Secrets series, bestselling author Kendra Elliot sends listeners on a dark and thrilling journey as forensic anthropologist Victoria Peres races to solve a horrific new case while confronting the secrets of her past. Bk#1 Hidden.

Trade Paperback