Arousing Suspicions

Arousing Suspicions image
Detective Nate Darling has put up with a lot of weird things since he's moved back to San Franciscoa healing crystals, free range tofu, the SF Giants. But he's drawing the line at psychic dream interpretations. Tabitha March claims she can see other people's dreams. In fact, she insists she "saw" a murder, and even provides Nate with explicit details of the crime. There's no doubt the curvaceous blue-eyed blonde knows something, but how is she involved? Is "she" the murderer? Because there's just no way that Tabitha can really "see" the killer's dream. Then another body is discovered, just the way Tabitha described it would be. Now evidence suggests she may be the next victim. And Nate has to reconsider his beliefs or risk losing the woman he has fallen in love with . . . forever.
Small Paperback