Deception Lodge and Expecting Trouble

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INTRIGUE, DECEPTION AND ROMANCE ... Deception Lodge - Lisa Jackson: Adam Drake is a man with a mission. Determined to clear his name of the false embezzlement charges brought against him by his former employer, resort mogul Victor Montgomery, Adam crashes the latest Montgomery gala opening. What Adam is not prepared for is Victor's dazzling daughter, Marnie, who appears at the gala on the arm of her wealthy fianc?, Kent Simms--Victor's right-hand man. Adam suspects that Kent may have been involved in framing him, and the only way to get to Kent is through his fianc?e. But Adam hasn't counted on the sizzling attraction between himself and Marnie... FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME!Expecting Trouble - Delores Fossen: A deadly game of cat and mouse forced Jenna Laniere into hiding. If Agent Cal Rico didn't help, the struggling single mother would have nowhere else to run. Cal had to risk his future to help save Jenna from her past. As an agent, it was his duty. As a man falling for this tiny family, he couldn't turn away if he wanted to...

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