Fear the Dark

Fear the Dark image

Bishop: Special Crimes Unit series Bk#4. Bk#1 Haven. SCU team investigates a disturbing string of disappearances.... How do you find someone who has vanished without a trace? Something strange is happening in the small mountain town of Serenity, Tennessee. People going on routine errands never reach their destination. Over the past few weeks, it s happened to five men and women and now a child. A team from the FBI s Special Crimes Unit is immediately sent in. Agents Lucas and Samantha Jordan, partners in work and in life, have very different abilities. Samantha is clairvoyant and Lucas is able to find the lost or abducted. With them are new partners Dante Swann, a medium, and Robbie Hodge, a telepath. The town is already on the edge of panic, but when a cop is killed, the team s hunt for the lost turns into something very personal and very dangerous.

Small Paperback