Necessary Valor

Necessary Valor image

Two thrilling stories from the Military K-9 Unit series ... Rescue Operation by Lenora Worth: A little boy is missing, and it's up to search-and-rescue K-9 handler Ava Esposito and her dog to find him...before the Red Rose Killer does. FBI special agent Oliver Davison is hot on the trail of the escaped convict and joins forces with Ava. But when the killer turns his crosshairs on them, Oliver must protect them all before time runs out. Explosive Force by Lynette Eason: Just before the K-9 training center explodes, reporter Heidi Jenks spots the bomber--and now he wants her dead. While military explosives expert First Lieutenant Nick Donovan doesn't trust journalists, it's his duty to protect Heidi. And with a killer circling closer, he and his bomb-sniffing K-9 are all that stand between Heidi and someone planning to silence her for good.

Small Paperback