Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue image

2in1 Reissue. A mission they never prepared for... The Colton Cowboy by Carla Cassidy: Ranch foreman Anders Colton is shocked to find an infant left on his porch--and a note saying she's a Colton. Investigating an abandoned baby isn't the career-making case rookie officer Elle Gage is hoping for. But when their lives are threatened, she moves in to protect the child. Suddenly lone wolf Anders is thinking family, and must uncover little Bonnie's parentage before it's too late. Colton's Cinderella Bride by Lisa Childs: For one magical night, they were Cinderella and the prince. Reunited four years later, billionaire Blake Colton and K-9 cop Juliette Walsh are worlds apart, and he is furious to learn that Juliette's secret daughter is his. But with danger closing in, Blake and Juliette must risk more than their rekindling passion to have a future with their child.

Small Paperback