Pursuing Justice

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Classified K-9 Unit. These officers solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners ... Special Agent by Valerie Hansen: When Special Agent in Charge Max West and his K-9 partner, Opal, look into a series of bombings in Northern California, horse trainer Katerina Garwood is a prime suspect. As the ex-fianc?e of a man tied to a criminal family, Katerina may know more than she's letting on--especially since the syndicate is targeting her. Despite Max's reservations, he can't deny his attraction...or the impulse to protect her. Bounty Hunter by Lynette Eason: While on a mission to bring his sister's killer to justice, bounty hunter Riley Martelli spots a missing FBI agent in a Colorado national park. When he calls in the tip, he's joined in his search by Special Agent Harper Prentiss. Harper, aided by her faithful German shepherd, is determined to locate the missing agent...without falling for the handsome Riley. Working together is their best option, but it also doubles the danger they're in.

Small Paperback