Up Close and Personal

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CONTEMPORARY SUSPENSE. Jordan Sampson is ready for a change. Her daughter seems to be pulling away from her. Her best friend is a drama queen. Her job as a homicide detective isnat exactly easy street. So she goes to her 15-year high school reunion, where she meets up with her old cheerleading team as well as Clint Cooper, her high school sweetheart. Of course no reunion in a suspense novel could go off without a hitch, and itas less than 24 hours before the first body turns up: one of the former cheerleaders. Jordan finds herself trying to catch a killer who's hunting not only her old high school friends, but probably her as well. At the same time, she's dealing with her daughteras moodiness, Clintas single-minded pursuit of her, and her best friendas dramatics. It's going to be a difficult, and possibly deadly,holiday season!

Small Paperback