At the Edge

At the Edge image

Bk#1. Part "Medium" and part "Charmed," this first title of a new series introduces Claire, the youngest of triplet sisters descended from an ancient Celtic seer who are blessed--or cursed--with a special extra sense. Struggling to conceal her power, Claire's peace in rural Montana is shattered by her new neighbor, Neil Olafson. Claire's shielded emotions start simmering. He's the opposite of everything she's ever wanted, a man who ignites her latent sensuality. And while her eerie powers have frightened others away, Neil isn't running. And when Claire comes face-to-face with danger, he becomes her protectora as well as her lover. Now, Claire and Neil must confront the past and save the life of a young innocent. But there is a killer lurking in the background who wants them both dead before they can unravel his dirty secrets. And he's been very busy . . .

Small Paperback