Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy

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Bk#3. Bk#1 Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind, Bk#2 Cosmic Sex. Take me to your leader. Come to think of it, just take me. Planet Nerak was perfect-no disease, no darkness, no hunger-until an expedition to Earth brought back an unwanted guest. Enter one talented Nerakian named Lara, sent on a special fact-finding mission in the vast region called Texas. Fortunately, a warrior (he calls himself a "cop") named Sam Jones has offered to help. Unfortunately, Sam's skill at sex is quite distracting-as are plenty other earthly delights, like the dangerously addictive substance called chocolate. Temptations such as these could seriously compromise Lara's-ahem-research... Crazy, that's what Sam is. What sane man would voluntarily isolate himself in the Texas woods with an alien, not to mention a female one with a superiority complex, legs that won't quit, and a penchant for walking around buck naked? Between bragging about her home planet and levitating, Lara wastes no time getting on Sam's last nerve...and even less time getting into his bed. Talk about going where no man has gone before. Of course, when you're from Texas, nothing-not even an entire planet-is going to stop you from getting what you want.

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