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Bk#3. Bk#1 Jacob, Bk#2 Gideon, Bk#3 Elijah. The Lycanthrope Princess Syreena can help but envy her sister Sienaas loving marriage to the Demon Elijah. Syreena is placed in charge of the guests who come to visit the newly discovered Library concerning all Nightwalker races. When Vampire Price Damien arrives, Syreena remembers her feelings for him, but assumes non reciprocity; she is unaware he feels the same way. Both know that interspecies mating is taboo. While a taking a walk on the catacombs in the Russian steppes where the Library is buried, Syreena is abducted by Ruth, a mind Demon who practices black magic which is forbidden to all Nightwalker races. 6Damien follows the blood trail Syreena has left behind all the way to France. He helps her escape from Ruth, but she is dying so he takes her to Mistral Territory where that species can heal or harm with their unique voices. They help both of them, who return to their previous lives, but neither can forget the other. They break the taboo that forbids mating, but before then can straighten out the family, social and political ramifications, ruthless Ruth returns.

Small Paperback