Dead Man Rising

Dead Man Rising image

URBAN FANTASY. Something is wrong in Saint City, and psions are dying. The cops can't catch the killer or find the thread binding the victims together, so they do the only thing they can. They call in Dante Valentine. Danny has problems of her own. Just picking up the pieces of her shattered life is enough to keep her busy, between the bounty hunts that help her forget and the stubborn ex-lover who won't go away. Not to mention the ashes of the demon who changed her into something inhumanly strong, calling to her from a lacquered black urn. The last thing she needs is another mystery in her life. Still, a promise is a promise. When the one woman she trusts calls for help, Danny is plunged into a labyrinth of deceit, murder, sex and intrigue--a maze with its roots sinking deep into the one place Dante never wants to revisit, the place where she learned just how helpless a child can be. Rigger Hall. Something that happened at the Hall is echoing down through the years. Something bloody, and hungry, and evil enough to make even the Devil blush. And that something has chosen its next victim - Dante Valentine.

Small Paperback