Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty image

TIME TRAVEL. Bk #8.Navy SEAL Zachary Floyd is so pretty he's been dubbed "Pretty Boy". Britta Asadottir is so big she's been dubbed Britta the Big. Sammy Floyd is so bad he's been dubbed Sammy the Snot. All Zach wants is a little love from the woman he's obsessed with, and maybe someone to help him care for the five-year-old, half-Arab son he never knew he had. All Britta wants is to join the WEALS, a female version of Navy SEALs, and perhaps experience a couple of those so-called orgy-as-hims. You'll laugh out loud as Pretty Boy gets his comeupance and wish you had a Navy SEAL of your own. Bk #1 in this series is The Last Viking.

Small Paperback