Hot Spell

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The Countess's Pleasure a Emma Holly: Countess Georgiana DuBarry seeks a sexual adventure in a city in an entirely fictitious world to experience what her impotent husband was unable to give her. A Breed Next Door a Lora Leigh: Lyra Mason fights often with her attractive neighbour, Tarek Jordan. Though, beneath their constant tension is a brewing sexual attraction neither can seem to explain. Falling For Anthony - Meljean Brook: In 1811, a young doctor, Anthony, is shipped off to war after promising to return to the woman who seduced him, Emily. Unfortunately, he is attacked by a vampire and dies...well sort of. He becomes something of an angel within a guardianship that protects humans from vampires. The vampire that attacked Anthony sensed his connection to a powerful sword which is in Emily's possession. Knowing the vampire will seek her out in search of this sword, Anthony returns to Earth to protect her. A Blood Kiss a Shiloh Walker: a story about a werewolf king, Roman Montgomery, and his war with a foolish vampire king, who has kidnapped his brother. What the vampire king didn't count on was that his daughter would fall for Roman and aid him in getting his brother back.

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