Getting Hotter

Getting Hotter image

Bk#8. Seth has been lusting over Miranda since the moment he saw her on a Vegas stage. Now that he's been asked to watch out for her as she opens a dance studio in San Diego, he figures it's his chance to get her in his bed. Except the stubborn single mom seems determined to deny their crazy-sizzling sexual chemistry. In typical SEAL fashion, Seth makes it his personal mission to prove her wrong. Miranda got over her attraction to bad boys about the time one of them knocked her up at age eighteen. Seth's mocking gray eyes and military-buff bod, though, are pure and utter temptation. And when a flooded apartment forces her and her twins to move in with him, she can no longer resist the urge to set off some serious fireworks between the sheets. But give him her heart? No, thank you. Any involvement with Seth will be strictly physical--and temporary. So when Seth decides permanent is what he wants, Miranda must steel her defenses before she does something incredibly fall in love. Bks1,2&3 Hot and Bothered.

Trade Paperback