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Bk#5. With no intention of following the rest of the Devils down the aisle, Gideon Blackwood heads for the hills to reassess a life spent leading and caring for others. And runs smack into the business end of a shotgun. At the trigger: a curmudgeonly woman with a broken axle and a load of responsibility. In Chloe Ruskin's experience, men take what they want and leave a mess behind. The safety of two orphans and her Granny is at stake, and the last thing she wants is Gideon's "help." This time, though, she has no choice. As they work into the night, grudging admiration grows into attraction--and desire. Gideon finds he can't dig his bootheels in hard enough to avoid falling for the opinionated little female. When Chloe's odd little family disappears, her suspicion threatens to destroy any spark of love before it catches fire. And Gideon finds himself making promises his pride won't let him break--even if it costs him the love of a woman who owns the missing half of his soul. Bk#1 Nate.

Trade Paperback