Hell for Leather

Hell for Leather image

Gunslinger Kincaid has traded his black clothes and pistols for a homespun shirt and trousers. Now hes Cade Brody, a man with dark hair, dark eyes and an even darker past. The blood money hes earned bought him a small piece of property in New Mexico territory, at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. But it cant buy him peace. Sabrina Edmonds, a tough, no-nonsense widow, runs the post office and store in the small town of Eustace. Shes made her way in life with an independent streak a mile wide. Sabrina doesnt want to get involved with Cade, but she finds herself drawn to the dark stranger who hides in his mountain retreat. Cade wants nothing more than to be left alone, but an elusive wild child who delights in tormenting him, and a town full of people determined to befriend him, conspire to intrude upon his self-imposed exile. Then theres Sabrina, who should be afraid of himbut isnt. Not even when the deadly demons of his past catch up with him.

Trade Paperback