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Bk#4. Lee Blackwood lost more than his arm in the Civil Warahe lost confidence, pride and hope. Trapped in half a body, only his friends have helped tame his demons. But as each Devil finds happiness, Lee is left alone to cope with the darkness that claws at his soul. Genevieve Blanchard has only one thing going for her: her no-good late husbandas run-down farm. That, and a fancy name no one can spell might get her a cup full of dirt in Tanger. Room, board and seamstress skills arenat much, but itas all she can offer any man willing to help her bring in her wheat crop. Reluctantly Lee takes on the job, the widowas smart-mouthed daughter and his growing attraction to a woman who stubbornly refuses to see him as anything less than whole. Slowly, his bitterness begins to fade under the light of their blooming love. Then the truth of her past threatens to rip away everything: her farm, her childaand the man she loves. But this time, thereas a line of Devils between her and looming disastera

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