Red Hot Weekend

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3 stories. "Dare Me by Lexxie Couper"--Nothing prepared Emily for the Aussie who strode into her cancer clinic and dared her to cure him. Eight months later, he's is out of danger...and she's in too deep. Rob never thought he'd survive, much less fall for his doctor. The problem? Her Hippocratic Oath hangs between them. "Hidden Fire by Jess Dee"--Instead of wallowing in misery, Jenna finds herself tied knee to knee with the man who broke her heart. With one chance to show her that his love is real, Garreth sets out to dismantle her defenses. One dirty word at a time. "Lone Heart by Delilah Devlin"--Lone Wyatt is in no rush to find his one-and-only, until he spots Charli Kudrow. One look into her haunted eyes, and he's ready to tear through every objection she can think up. One killer smile from the cowboy, and Charli feels something she hasn't felt in a long time--a spark of attraction. Thinking she'll never see him again, she succumbs to temptation, only to discover that "spark" is a raging wildfire.

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