Return to Wonderland Kalina's Discovery

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Sorceress Kalina has accepted that love is not in her cards, but she can't refuse the allure or the sexual dominance of Prince Eral. The mystical werefin seems to be everywhere she turns and she desires him with a power she finds hard to deny. But she's a weretiger, a creature of the land. There can be no future for them. When Kalina's visions call her to Atlantis, she must face her terror of water to try to save a king and realize her own dreams, submitting to Eral and unlocking the magic long trapped within her heart. Eral feels Kalina in his mind, on his skin, in his very blood. Even though she resists him and shuns his watery homeland, he remains determined to win the she-cat and claim her for his own. But an evil sorcerer has other plans for themdeadly, painful plans. Eral and Kalina must join their hearts, minds, and formidable powers to save a kingdom and discover a love that even their differences can't divide.

Trade Paperback