Tropical Haze

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Afternoon Rhapsody--Bianca puts her pending divorce aside to enjoy her brother's wedding. She doesn't expect to fall in lust with a gorgeous man. Then personal revelations change what they thought they knew about their troubled past, and they wonder if it's possible to move on. Sunset Heat--Collins never thought she'd be standing in front of Luke again. Naked, thanks to her butterfly phobia. He still lights her fire, and so does his rake of a cousin. Luke fell for Collins four months ago, yet he can't stop thinking about sharing her with Addison. And Addison is shocked that he wants to know Collins on all levels. Will desire bring three people together or destroy any hope of happiness? Moonlight Mirage--At her friend's wedding, Hayley is forced to face the former boss whose rejection sent her packing. Mitch makes her burn as hot as ever. Trouble is, she hasn't come to the wedding alone. Mitch knows he made a mistake pushing Hayley away. Luckily, he's never shied away from competition...

Trade Paperback