Wicked image

Bk#3. Bk#1 Wanton, Bk#2 Wild. Masterful. Seductive. And very much in demand. Semyon Taruskin does not deny his reputation as a lover. But one woman alone has enchanted him: the seemingly innocent and bewitching Angelica Harrow. He would risk his own life to protect hers, for Angelica lives in fear of one who betrayed her, a notorious rake who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Was the man murdered? Or transformed into a different - and far more malevolent - entity? For her love, Semyon will reveal his supernatural powers in a lethal battle for dominance of London's private hells. The last man standing shall claim Angelica - and Semyon's passion for Angelica is proof that the wildest blood run hottest.

Trade Paperback