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Kyril. Marko. Semyon. Brothers like no other, sworn to lead the Pack of St. James and defend the English crown, though the blood of Russian wolves runs in their veins. In 1815, every woman in London has heard of their legendary passion for seductionabut no one knows of the supernatural powers that raise them far above the ranks of mortal men. In pursuit of a priceless treasure stolen from his homeland, Kyril commands the Pack to gather in secret. A rash act by one womanaone extraordinary woman, the sensual and utterly alluring Vivienne Sheridanahas put their ancient clan in peril. He vows to find heraand find out her every secretabefore it is too lateaHidden in a ruined mansion, concealed by the shadows of a moonlit night, Vivienne comes forth, drawn to Kyril by a mysterious magic she is unable to resist. In his powerful embrace, Vivienne senses the wild nature beneath his gentlemanly faAadeaand she surrenders to his intimate touch. Whatever he wants, she will giveawith all the passion of a woman mesmerizeda

Trade Paperback