Alien Separation

Alien Separation image

Katherine 'Kitty Katt' series Bk#11. Bk#1 Touched By an Alien. Kitty Katt-Martini has barely returned from her adventures in Bizarro World when a new crisis erupts. During her trip to that alternate reality, Kitty learned who their evil nemesis is and, sadly, it is someoe they trust. Before she ca deal with that issue, a large chuk of the gang is satchedout of thi air and transported to an extremely weird and colorful planet. But in a scary twist, the gang doesn't arrive together. Kitty, Chuckie ad Christopher touch down in a purple land with highly intelligent katyhoppers. Now they must survive this strage and dangerous world, find their friends and family ad figure out why they have been brought here in the first place.

Small Paperback