Black Ice

Black Ice image

Midgard series Bk#2. Bk#1 Mist. Centuries ago, in Asgard, the Norse gods and goddesses fought their Last Battle with the trickster god Loki and his frost giants. All were believed lost, except for a few survivors including the Valkyrie Mist, forgotten daughter of the goddess Freya.But the battle isn't over, and Mist--living a mortal life in San Francisco--is summoned to prepare for a new war, with the fate of earth hanging in the balance. Struggling to control her own growing power as she assembles a desperate team of allies, Mist faces enemies within and without, unable to fully trust even those closest to her.It will take all of Mist's courage, determination, and newfound magical abilities to stop Loki before history repeats itself."

Small Paperback